$15.00 each

Janome Service Manual 102

The service manual covers removal and replacement of parts such as needle thread tension, shafts, hook, adjustments and settings'. It covers lubrication points, wiring and more.
$0.25 each
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Janome Plastic Bobbin

These are original Janome Bobbins and my promise to you is these will work perfectly in your machine or your money back.
$0.28 each
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Janome Plastic Bobbins OEM

Original Janome Bobbins, Plastic bobbins for your janome sewing machine.

Price is for one bobbin, just add as many as you need to cart.  Buy at lease 10 bobbins to make shipping them worth while.  The shipping is for US only, I will ship them overseas but will need to figure out the cost of shipping.

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacture